Blockchain Technology

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Why Blockchain Technology?

Why Distillery for Blockchain?

What is Blockchain?

Why Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a decentralized database that allows users to store information across a vast network of personal computers. There’s no centralized agency overseeing the data. Instead, the entire network itself protects the information, rendering blockchain technology essentially hack-proof. At the moment, this technology is being used by companies in the energy, pharma, telecom and financial services sectors—and more and more industries are joining them. Businesses from these sectors are turning to blockchain technology to boost performance and security while reducing risk. Blockchain might not sound familiar to you, but you’ve likely heard of its most famous byproduct: Bitcoin.

Why Distillery for Blockchain?

Blockchain is a complex technology that requires a team of savvy strategists and expert engineers. At Distillery, we can walk your business through this intricate process, performing market research and drafting blueprints until your idea comes to life. If you’ve already launched a product, then we can help you maintain, improve and secure what you’ve built.

We’ve helped our client, the POP Network, enliven its decentralized approach to monetized video distribution. Using direct micropayments and token incentives, the POP Network avoids relying on advertising and paid subscriptions to stay afloat. The result? A more just system where publishers are free to create as they please, knowing they will be compensated in a way that’s fair and transparent.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology uses a decentralized database that enables users to create a transparent ledger system that’s validated and virtually hack-proof. It’s not just used for cryptocurrencies, either. Blockchain technology is used by many industries, including healthcare and entertainment.

Here are some blockchain concepts you’ll want to understand:



An inherently protected digital currency which operates without central oversigt from a bank or other single entity. Blockchain technology enables the encryption techniques that make this a possibility.



If you don’t want to leave your cryptocurrency on its exchange, you can securely download it to a wallet on your own private server. Once the cryptocurrency is in your wallet, it operates like cash.



Like any exchange, you can there swap your dollars for cryptocurrency.

Our latest work:


iOS application

Tala is a revolutionary Android app that uses smartphone data to enable people in emerging countries to build credit and access loans.




Noomie by 5Miles is an in-your-pocket cryptocurrency wallet that makes sending cryptocurrency to other users easy and free.