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Creating connections that facilitate P2P transactions

Why Peer-to-Peer Marketplace?

Why Distillery for Peer-to-Peer Marketplace?

What is Peer-to-Peer Marketplace?

Why Peer-to-Peer Marketplace?

Peer-to-peer marketplace apps connect people in need of a product to those in possession of it. Through a P2P marketplace app, a user in need can rent or buy that product from its owner. The details vary from app to app, but the general premise remains the same. Two of the most famous peer-to-peer marketplaces are eBay and Airbnb.

Peer-to-peer marketplaces make it easy for consumers to find what they want right away. If you’re hoping to bring people together to buy and sell, then you’ll need to build an impressive, seamless and viable marketplace platform to facilitate such transactions safely and securely.

Why Distillery for Peer-to-Peer Marketplace?

At Distillery, we’re uniquely qualified to help you build or improve upon your P2P ideas. We’ll walk you through every step of the way, including backend engineering, design and quality assurance testing. Whether you come to us with a simple idea or an already-engineered platform, Distillery can help you engineer a cutting-edge peer-to-peer marketplace app.

Our client Soapbox envisioned a revolutionary social networking platform where users could post and sell items directly on their feeds. We helped them engineer it, integrating full text searches based on ElasticSearch engine and payments via Stripe. We also installed full admin panels with AngularJS and Angular Material. In addition, we assisted Glydr—a company that helps students find internships and jobs—in engineering an iOS app from scratch.

What is Peer-to-Peer Marketplace?

Peer-to-peer apps allow buyers and sellers to find each other and complete transactions on their platforms. From vintage handbags to rare coins, P2P apps have enabled users to find, buy and sell just about anything with the click of a button.

Here are some industries using P2P marketplace technology


Retail & E-commerce

Both brick-and-mortar and online sellers are using P2P marketplaces to exchange and sell products.


Social Media

P2P marketplace technology is often integrated into social media platforms, boosting profits for companies and convenience for their users.



Lending services and payment system utilize P2P marketplace technology to make spending and transferring funds a breeze. Big names like Venmo and Paypal use this technology all the time.


Personal Concierge Services

From food delivery to dog walking, consumers use P2P marketplace technology to pay for or perform essential services.

Our latest marketplace & peer-to-peer work


Android Application

Tala is a revolutionary Android app that uses smartphone data to enable people in emerging countries to build credit and access loans.