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Why Emerging Technologies?

Why Distillery for Emerging Technologies?

What is Emerging Technology?

Why Emerging Technologies?

Your best idea deserves to be brought to life using the most compelling, modern technologies available. Don’t settle for an outdated app or website that’ll fail to engage customers.

A good example of emerging technology is Amazon’s groundbreaking iteration of artificial intelligence: smart home device Alexa. While Alexa is easily the most successful device of its kind on the market, competitors are constantly releasing new products designed to dethrone this Amazon best-seller.

Many other emerging technologies are “smart” devices that fall under the category of Internet of Things. IoT products include fitness bands like FitBits and Apple Watches, refrigerators that display your family’s digital calendar, and the day’s weather forecast and thermostats that turn themselves off when you leave for work.

Why Distillery for Emerging Technologies?

At Distillery, we understand what integrations and new technologies will add significant value, functionality and viability to your product. If you’re starting from square one, then our team of expert engineers can help determine which emerging technologies your idea could use to compete in today’s overcrowded market. We promise not to drown your app in unnecessary, fussy features. Instead; we’ll carefully strategize which emerging technologies will really help differentiate your product. And if you’ve already taken a product to market, we’re still here to help your team manage, update and improve its work.

We helped our client nēdl use speech recognition and cloud computing to bring their big idea to life. nēdl is ushering AM/FM radio into the modern era with emerging technology and skilled engineering. The app can sort through the broadcasts of 100,000+ radio stations worldwide to instantly stream anything a user requests to hear.

What is Emerging Technology?

Emerging technology refers to all the cutting-edge technology that’s changing the way we socialize, conduct business and live our lives. From artificial intelligence (AI) to speech recognition, these technologies are becoming more ingrained in our lives everyday.

Here are a few emerging technologies that engineers are integrating into apps and websites:


Speech Recognition

Consumers want to talk to their apps like they would a family member or personal assistant. New technologies allow devices like Alexa to not only understand what we are saying, but also to differentiate between various voices.


Artificial Intelligence

Today’s modern consumer expects technology to be smart -- and get smarter. Thermostats study our habits for a few days and begin to understand that we like cooler temperatures as we fall asleep, but warmer ones when it’s time to wake up. Music streaming services consider the tunes we’ve listened to over time and recommend other songs we might like.


Health Sensors

Millennials in particular flock to emerging technology that can improve their fitness and boost their workouts. Over time, humble pedometers have turned into full-service, digital personal trainers that can stylishly be worn around the wrist.


Facial Recognition

Whether users are looking for top-notch security when managing investments or just wanting to see how’d they look in red lipstick, strides in facial recognition are changing the way many enterprises design their consumer-facing apps.

Our latest Emerging technologies work

Alexa Skill

Alexa Skill

Develop a custom Alexa Skill for your product to increase user engagement and enhance the user experience



iOS application

nēdl lets users search just about every radio station in the world by song, artist or keyword for on-demand listening.