Helping Creative Production company Develop an Augmented Reality Game

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Creative Production Company Needed Help Developing an Augmented Reality Game Even Faster

Tool of North America is a Santa Monica, California based creative production partner. The award-winning production company has helped brands like Infiniti, Amazon, IBM and Gatorade truly bring ideas to life through excellent storytelling achieved via modern production.

Tool was helping create Ingress Prime, a location-based, augmented-reality mobile game. Ingress allows each player to become an agent for either side–good or bad–in a power struggle over XM, a strange and not-yet-understood resource that’s just been discovered. As an agent, players work to maintain power, share resources and learn more about the fascinating world around them.

Back in October of 2018, Tool needed to ramp up development for the game. Wanting to speed up engineering without sacrificing quality, Tool turned to neighbor Distillery, whose headquarters are also in Santa Monica.

On Behalf of Tool, Distillery Quickly and Effectively Built a Much-Needed Admin Panel

What Tool needed help with in particular was creating an additional microservice for Ingress Prime. This product needed to function as an admin panel for other microservices, and was known by the client as the campaign controller.

Our team, which worked independently, featured one frontend developer, two backend developers, one QA engineer, a DevOps engineer and a project manager. On the frontend, we used Angular 6.0 and material design technical stacks. On the backend, we used TypeScript, NodeJS, NestJS and PostgreSQL.

During our collaboration, one of the biggest challenges we faced was making sense of data from other microservices developed by other engineers. Fortunately, our Distillery team was able to discern all the information and systems in place despite a lack of documentation.

Our Custom Campaign Controller Allowed Other Development Teams to Work More Rapidly, Too

Our team worked together seamlessly, using daily calls and electronic communication to develop together effectively. We used 1-week sprints to provide fast, flawless delivery of the features requested by Tool.

All work on the campaign controller was completed on time, allowing Tool’s other partners to work more effectively on the vast, various additional aspects of the game’s development.

Tool of North America was quite pleased with the top-notch work Distillery completed on building and deploying this campaign controller.