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Developer-Ready Data Provider Sixgill Looked to Distillery to Rebrand

Sixgill, an Internet of Everything (IoE) platform, provides a wide range of developers with ready-to-use data. With its sensor data services, Sixgill takes hefty raw data and tidies it up into relevant information that helps other companies make better business decisions.

Sixgill approached Distillery because the company wanted to completely rebrand, from logo to website. Sixgill wanted a team with Santa Monica roots so both companies could collaborate locally. The IoE pioneer was also serious about finding a partner with demonstrated WordPress expertise. Sixgill’s main goal? To find a design that simplified a very complex product.

Distillery’s Top-Notch Team Custom-Designed Sixgill’s User-Friendly Website

To assist in the redesign of the website and other brand assets, Sixgill required the following Distillery talent:

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Fullstack Developer

Over the past couple years, our team has spearheaded two complete rounds of website redesign and an additional homepage redesign. The website redesign was remarkably rapid; our team worked around the clock to meet grueling deadlines. We have completed design, front-end development and back-end development for Sixgill. We have also continued to add new pages with modern functionality to the site.

Our throughline strategy was to build a completely customized solution that’s on brand and user friendly while also allowing easy editing from the Sixgill team. After all, our client needed to frequently update its website without calling us for help.

We worked very closely with Sixgill during the asset rebranding, too. We sent countless iterations of logos to gauge what our client was looking for. Once the client picked a few favorites, we expanded upon them with other versions and interpretations. We also created custom typography for the written “Sixgill” logo. We wanted to communicate an edgy, tech-savvy feel that also played on the Sixgill, a very sensory-aware type of shark.

From day one, it truly was a partnership. They put as much dedication and effort into every decision and deadline as we did. The process is completely transparent and you forget that they are not an internal part of your company.
Phil Ressler, CEO


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Sixgill and Distillery’s Long-Term Partnership Will Pick Back Up Where It Left Off

Our working relationship with Sixgill has entered maintenance mode. We continue to add functionality to the site as needed. When the Sixgill team is ready for another redesign, we will work to bring its newest ideas to life.