A Diving Website That Needed to Make an Impression


CMAS Turned to Distillery to Modernize and Brand Its Web Presence

CMAS, also known as the World Confederation of Underwater Activities, organizes international underwater sports events and champions technical and scientific underwater research. While CMAS is a go-to resource for information about everything from coastal cleanups to Olympic diving, the Confederation is primarily known for providing a wide range of services to its network of professional divers.

CMAS approached Distillery because its leadership believed the old, database-style website did not reflect the Confederation’s primary purpose of supporting professional divers. CMAS craved a value-added, engaging dive center website that delighted and engaged divers from the very start. CMAS needed to prove to prospective divers and dive instructors that joining CMAS was a necessity.

Distillery Zeroed in on Meaningful Design and Functionality

From the start of Distillery’s partnership with CMAS, we were focused on providing top-notch user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) strategy and deliverables. To tackle this goal, we assembled an expert team consisting of a project manager and several designers.

Our designers worked in two-week sprints, each of which was punctuated by a deliverable for CMAS to review. We communicated with the client to discuss such deliverables via conference call. Our Distillery team seamlessly partnered with CMAS’ own developer, too.

We started with a user flow and a set of moodboards to present to CMAS. The client selected its favorite—”Zero Gravity”, pictured above—and we moved forward with the style guide, wireframes and mockups.

Style Guide









The New CMAS Website Proves Value and Easily Informs

CMAS couldn’t be happier with the look and feel of their informative website.

The new dive center hub:

  • Uses clean, engaging design to demonstrate a CMAS membership’s value
  • Appeals to divers through handpicked color palettes and typography
  • Relies on attractive iconography to share information like instructor ratings

Anna, president of CMAS, noted that the Confederation was very happy with Distillery’s work and would gladly continue the collaboration in the future.