An Useful and Intuitive App That Makes Pet Care Easy

Web Development

Concierge Pet Services Startup Needed a Functional, On-Brand Web-Based App to Thrive

Santa Monica-based startup Fitdog came to Distillery ready to grow but held back by clunky, outdated technology. The company was designed as a full-service solution for SoCal dog owners seeking boarding, grooming and exercising—and it had the chops to pull it off!

What was missing? A great, intuitive app and website that made booking effortless for clients and everyday operations easy on employees and vendors. Clients were calling to make appointments because the third-party scheduling system was that frustrating. Fitdog needed to do better. That’s where our Distillery team came in.

Fitdog leadership said, “We met with several developers, and Distillery immediately stood out as the most knowledgeable and having the best understanding of our business model.”

Distillery Turned to Real User Feedback to Build FitDog the Business-Growing, Client-Building App of Its Dreams

Fitdog and Distillery developed a partnership based on Fitdog’s needs and Distillery’s guidance and expertise. Our team made user experience a day-one priority, interviewing various groups of users to better understand their goals and expectations.

Our team turned raw demands into hundreds of wireframes that contemplated all possible user interactions. We researched our competitors’ tech and made it a point to outperform them. Our throughline strategy: to provide convenience and functionality while boosting engagement.

Ultimately, the web app included:

  • A unique, friendly and secure payment system
  • A quick and painless onboarding process for new clients to ensure better conversion
  • Integration of engaging, on-brand gamification that tracks pups’ accomplishments
  • A custom-built admin panel that makes Fitdog’s internal team’s day that much easier
  • Fast-content loading supported by SPA React Framework, allowing for better UX and engagement

Distillery also helped incorporate the UX and UI from the web-based app into every aspect of the website, including sites for Fitdog Club, Sports and Training.

The UI was above our expectations, and the look and feel of the app helped to define our brand. Overall, the end product has been successful, and we are continuing to work with Distillery to further expand the capabilities of the app.
Andrea Servadio, CEO

Style Guide

A great web-based app was bound to help Fitdog better engage its clients, employees and vendors. But the app alone was not enough. Fitdog needed an attractive, consistent presence across all platforms. Distillery helped incorporate the UX and UI from the web-based app into every aspect of the website, including sites for Fitdog Club, Sports and Training.









Now, FitDog Finally Has a Remarkable Brand and Optimized App to Match Its Business Model

Before launch, Distillery’s product manager conducted an in-person training with Fitdog’s internal team to ensure all personnel felt completely comfortable using the admin panel.

Just months after product launch, the accolades are rolling in from happy dog owners, Fitdog instructors and employees alike.