A Cryptocurrency Wallet That's Built to Flourish


5miles Turned to Distillery to Design Noomi, a Cryptocurrency Wallet Built to Disrupt Other Industries

5miles is a marketplace application and website that allows users
to buy from and sell to other users in their communities. When the Dallas-based 5miles team approached Distillery, the marketplace P2P company was interested in developing a new app entirely — a cryptocurrency wallet. 5miles’ CEO felt this crypto wallet might have the potential to disrupt a wide range of other industries. For its crypto wallet, Noomi set out to accomplish two goals:

  • Allow Noomi users to send and receive cryptocurrency within the application at no charge
  • Introduce a social aspect to the Noomi feed where users could post their thoughts about cryptocurrency, chat with other users and learn more about FinTech topics, including identifying trending cryptocurrencies

The Distillery-5miles Relationship Led to Meaningful Collaboration and Powerful UX and UI Design

5miles looked to our design team here at Distillery to bring the visual design and product functionality of its crypto wallet app to life. Our relationship with 5miles was hands-on and collaborative, with the client often visiting our Santa Monica office to work directly with our product manager.

Together with the client, our user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) teams helped 5miles:

  • Conduct competitive analysis, user research and market research, including in-depth interviews with cryptocurrency holders, traders and investors
  • Wireframe an admin panel
  • Create robust mockups of how the app should look and feel
  • Design key elements of the product, including Noomi’s logo and a product style guide

Distillery also wired the application itself, which will be available in both Android and iOS.
These developments will all help Noomi as it prepares to launch its minimum viable product (MVP).

New Logo

Our team carefully workshopped the perfect Noomi logo. 5miles desired a logo that suggested currency, safety and social networking. After exploring many options, we opted to stay away from the quite-literal imagery of locks, coins and wallets. Instead, we landed on a typographic logo that is modern, sleek and suggests cutting-edge tech.


Style Guide

Our design team weighed every UI decision with the future of Noomi top of mind. We wanted to give Noomi a style guide that showcased its brand and told a story without limiting the app’s long-term, cross-industry potential for success.











Strategic Design Choices Built Noomi a Brand That’s Free to Expand and Evolve

Distillery developed a definitive style guide for 5miles that articulated branding decisions like color pallette, iconography, typography and other elements.

UX and UI design for key elements of the product included:

  • Mockups of how the Noomi Wallet app should look and feel
  • A Noomi Wallet logo
  • A comprehensive product style guide
  • Wireframes for a user-friendly admin panel
  • Wireframes for the iOS and Android Noomi Wallet applications

We were able to communicate across time zones and geographic locations, including in-person visits to Distillery’s US office as well as consistent, timely communication with 5miles’ team members in the US and China.