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Why FinTech?

Why Distillery for FinTech?

What is FinTech?

Why FinTech?

FinTech — short for Financial Technology — is changing the world. In the 1990s, maybe you wrote a check for your groceries. Now, you can wave your iPhone or Android over a card reader and pay instantly, without even touching your wallet. Trendy restaurants and shops such as Sweetgreen and Drybar have gone “cashless”, accepting only credit cards, smartphone payments, and payments through proprietary apps. In 2010, a group dining out together might have split the bill a dozen ways, or one diner might have put the whole check on his credit card and accepted cash from the rest of the group. Now, peer-to-peer checking account transfers can be completed instantly through a host of beautiful, functional apps.

Consumers want every aspect of their lives to be faster, easier, and more functional. These consumers don’t want to drive to the bank to deposit a check; they want to snap a photo of the check and deposit it from their homes or offices. They don’t want to drive to a mortgage broker’s office to discuss a home loan; they want to know how much of a loan they qualify for instantly while checking out houses on Zillow.

Many consumers are also using FinTech to manage their budgets, invest money, and pay bills. They are also looking to FinTech for newer, alternative avenues to wealth management and credit building.

Why Distillery for FinTech?

Making gorgeous, functional, and viable financial software is no easy task. Our proven, expert team will guide you through the process, or if you prefer, take it over altogether. We’re skilled, experienced, creative problem-solvers with a knack for engineering bluechip FinTech products. Whether you want to turn a groundbreaking financial idea into a flawless, engaging app or simply modernize your communication with existing customers, Distillery is ready to custom-build solutions for Android, iPhone, and web.

We helped startup Tala develop the technology they needed to revolutionize the old-fashioned process of building credit and financial identity. Tala doesn’t rely on just traditional markers to evaluate users’ credit. Instead, Tala’s custom-engineered algorithms and groundbreaking software consider a users’ network diversity, social connectedness, geographic patterns, and financial transactions when computing on-demand credit scores.

Our other feats include:

  • Helping a digital mortgage startup save trees and time with paperless, efficient loan transactions
  • Building transparent investment functionality that allows regular people to truly understand and participate in the decision making process behind smart investing
  • Creating robust technology that enables safe, secure wealth management while providing nuanced, detailed reporting and analytics.

What is FinTech?

FinTech is financial technology that makes finance simple, more affordable or more accessible to many. From AI-enabled wealth management to simple P2P checking transfers, FinTech is becoming more prominent with every passing day.

Some of FinTech’s most valuable deliverables include:


Financial Basics

Hassle-free, instant access to financial basics such as account balances and transaction history are a must-have for any FinTech product. All banks want to give their customers access to one-click bill pay and mobile check depositing. The key is making your basic features stand out from the pack with great user experience and interface design.


Instant Quotes

Convert users into customers right away with on-demand, easy quotes for your services. Consumers want to qualify for loans, insurance, and credit cards by answering a few questions through a simple app — not by submitting answers to a lengthy application by hand or over the phone.


Location Services

When something must be done in-person, guide your users to your nearest locations with smart, location-based search functions. Add helpful filters to narrow searches and improve customer experience.


Back-End Systems

Your users will never see it, but every gorgeous, intuitive app is supported by perfectly-executed, quality-tested backend engineering. We custom-build the essential technology that supports your operations behind the scenes.


Top-notch Security

Protect yourself and your customers with ultra-secure engineering designed to safeguard consumers’ financial and personal information.

Our latest FinTech work:


iOS Application

Netvest is an innovative, time-saving investment platform that allows you to put a stable of expert investors in your pocket.



Android Application

Tala is a revolutionary Android app that uses smartphone data to enable people in emerging countries to build credit and access loans.