Managed teams

Let a dream team of engineers do the heavy lifting

Why Managed Teams?

Many businesses want to accelerate their development and start earning revenue right away. Businesses both big and small require expert engineers to achieve success in today’s digital market. But hiring tech employees is challenging, time-consuming, and complicated. What if you want top-notch talent, but only require their help for a finite period of time? You’re likely in need of a managed team.

A managed team is a group of independently organized employees who strategize and execute their daily activities and responsibilities with little to no supervision. The experts we select to join our managed teams are self-sufficient, highly motivated, and experienced freelancers. They are happy to work either offshore or onshore. You decide whether having a managed team work in-office or remotely better suits your company’s needs.

Why Distillery for Managed Teams?

Distillery helps companies grow by matching clients with managed teams of highly educated and experienced software engineers. We have worked with over 300 clients on over 100 projects.

Our trusted engineers have helped transform businesses through hard work and high-level strategizing, groundbreaking software development, and reliable product support. We retain only the best engineers available, and are happy to share our arsenal of in-demand talent with our clients.

Many startups and enterprises do not have the bandwidth to retain expert engineers for long periods of time. At Distillery, you’ll receive the results you want from an engineering team you believe in. If resources are tight, Distillery can create a flexible, pay-as-you-go strategy for your startup. For peace of mind and transparency, we also offer fixed bids on many projects.

What are the Benefits of Managed Teams?

Managed teams help businesses grow painlessly

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Here are some of the many benefits of bringing a managed team into the fold:



Don’t worry about how to recruit, screen, hire, and retain top-notch talent -- we already have in-demand, experienced engineers ready to work.



Allow your company’s engineering needs to expand and contract organically. Distillery is flexible, and will help you scale as your business needs change.



Expect impressive turnaround times from a dream team that’s ready to get to work today.


Value & Quality

Pay a fair price for outstanding engineering work -- without worrying about the extra costs of hiring, training, and retaining talent.


Agile-ready Execution

Rest assured we’re well-versed in Agile software development. We’ll stick to Agile process and execution every step of the way.


Trustworthy, self-managed Engineers

Enjoy the benefits of instant access to a team of cream-of-the-crop engineers who are smart, loyal, and driven.