Data Analytics

Understand your data in a way that works for you

Why Data Analytics?

Why Distillery for Data Analytics?

What is Data Analytics?

Why Data Analytics?

All businesses—from humble startup to enterprise king—need the right tools to collect, organize, and analyze data. But even then, raw data alone do not provide value. For real results, your company needs to convert data into valuable business information and integrate analytics into daily business decisions.

Another reason to turn to digital data analytics: limited resources. Building a perfect data dashboard or customized analytical software can get you the information you need without the high costs of employing a large team of full-time data analysts.

Why Distillery for Data Analytics?

At Distillery, our experienced team of engineers understand what businesses want from data analytics solutions. We believe in creating software that analyses multiple data sources and then presents that information in a way that’s digestible, functional and empowering.

Our engineers will sit down and study your business goals, get a feel for the solutions you need and get to work. We will build a partnership with your business that meets your company’s unique needs. Our experts can help you with data visualization, data modeling, data prediction, data preparation and data grouping. We can also assist with raw data collection and data enrichment. We can also assist with DevOps needs big and small.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics refers to the processes and strategies used to improve how businesses run and perform.

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Key Concepts


Data Vizualization

Imagine valuable but dense, difficult-to-understand data presented in digestible pictures, graphs or other visuals that make decision-making and fact-finding that much easier.


Machine Learning

Reap the benefits of constantly-improving computers that, thanks to data and feedback, get smarter by the minute.


Personalized Customer Experience

Utilize data to better understand each individual user’s preferences and behaviors, so that every interaction they have with your product feels just right.