Internet of Things

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Why Internet of Things (IoT)?

Why Distillery for IoT?

What is IoT?

Why Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things possesses unlimited, transformative potential for both businesses and consumers. IoT enables businesses to engage with and learn from customers’ lives in a deeper, more connected way. Billions of devices are now connected to the internet and the cloud, and new IoT technology innovations are emerging daily. IoT services and devices are creating a massive network of users and an even more massive pool of user data. This data delivers new insights, transforming the infrastructure of our cities, and reshaping both the digital marketplace and how businesses operate within it.

Why Distillery for IoT?

Developing successful IoT technology requires a balanced understanding of the solutions people and enterprises want and the hardware, platforms and connectivity required to support them. At Distillery, we know exactly how to find that sweet spot, whether your company is a tiny startup or a burgeoning enterprise.

We are experienced in creating complex, scalable systems with cloud technologies—an integral part of IoT. We are also experienced in creating the simple, accessible interfaces necessary for IoT devices.

We can help you develop a scalable service—think management, data collection and analytics monitoring—based on a single device or many devices. We can help you determine how to integrate beaconing into your project, weighing the pros and cons of using short- and long-field Bluetooth. We’ll help you explore a range of communication interfaces, networking protocols and data capture solutions.

Distillery will deepen your connection with your users through its expert ideas and executions for IoT integrations.

What is IoT?

The IoT is made up of interconnected devices and automated systems that, working in tandem, gather and analyze information and initiate responses.

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Popular Industries


Fitness & Health

Fitness and health wristbands and watches get smarter and provide more feedback as they learn about you and your body. These accessories are helping women get pregnant, warning diabetics about dropping blood sugar and motivating consumers to move more.


City Planning

Urban planners and engineers are coming together to improve cities. One revolutionary IoT idea: pavement that provides real-time traffic data, enabling cities to alert travelers and redirect the flow of cars.


Home Appliances

Doorbells now have built-in cameras that streams to phones, thermostats get to know users’ work schedules, and stoves can be turned off remotely. Smarter appliances are saving consumers time and money while boosting safety.


Artificial Intelligence

Smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home are becoming more and more popular. These devices learn their owners’ habits and interests to continually improve user experience.



Devices connected to your can improve your driving habits, diagnose medical issues and call 911 in the event of an emergency.