Mobile App Development

Building the app that changes your business

Why Mobile App Development?

Why Distillery for Mobile App Development?

What is Mobile App Development?

Why Mobile App Development?

On average, US consumers now spend more than five hours a day on mobile devices. Time spent on apps makes up nearly all of these hours. Studies also show that apps dominate time spent on mobile devices outside of the US, accounting for more than 80% of mobile minutes in the UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, China and Indonesia. In India, mobile users access the internet through their mobile devices nearly four-fifths of the time. If you want to reach a captive audience, then you’re going to need an app. After all, apps can help you both expand and better understand your audience, cultivate customer loyalty, target your marketing, generate income and differentiate yourself from your competition. Plus, many businesses develop internal workplace apps to help their operations run more smoothly—a strategy which also boosts a brand.

Why Distillery for Mobile App Development?

We’re award-winning mobile app developers who have played a central role in the success stories of countless entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises. After working with Distillery to create enterprise mobile applications, our clients have raised massive sums of capital, been acquired for millions of dollars, grown their market footprints and differentiated themselves from their competition.

Mobile app development is—and will always be—Distillery’s sweet spot. Many of our developers and designers have specialized in mobile app development for nearly a decade. We are experienced in building apps for any device and any platform, including iOS and Android. We design our services to fit your unique needs, whether you require a prototype or full development. We’re happy to take on all your work or become a trusted collaborator. And we’ll always abide by your timeline.

Using Agile product development processes and well-researched design ideas, we craft stunning, production-ready apps designed to deliver the features and benefits you and your customers seek. Whether you’re in Los Angeles or Dubai, Distillery’s talented global team is ready to help create an app that will change your business.

What is Mobile App Development?

In the mobile app development process, a good idea is just a starting point. For your idea to come to life, strategic thinking and careful prioritization are an absolute must.

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Development Process


Validate that demand exists for your app

Don’t jump in without first testing the waters. Google your idea. Search for similar products available in the Apple Store and Google Play marketplace. Check featured apps and top-grossing charts to see what’s selling. Use Google’s Adwords Keyword Planner Tool to verify how many searches occur for keywords related to your app. Use social media channels to vet your idea with friends, family, colleagues, and followers. Use tools like Crunchbase and AppTweak to evaluate companies with existing apps that may compete with yours.


Think strategially about platforms and devices

As you make your choices, don’t fall prey to stereotypes and assumptions. For example, if you think you only want to design for the iPad and iPhone, then you may miss opportunities in the larger global marketplace, where Android devices reign supreme. Your mobile app development agency should help you weigh the pros and cons of various possibilities.


Consider your monetization strategy

Mobile apps can be monetized in several ways, such as subscriptions, in-app purchases, and in-app advertising. Start thinking early about what makes sense for your app. Research the monetization models of other popular apps.


Focus on developing a strong core product

In addition, during the design process, make sure to prioritize development of the most important core features. Many first-time app developers want to create apps that try to be everything to everyone from day one. Ultimately, this approach wastes both time and money. It’s better to get a strong core version of your app out into the marketplace and let your users’ feedback help you refine and expand your product. Avoid making bad guesses; instead, let your audience tell you what they want.


Integrate analytics

In-app analytics are key to helping you understand your users’ behavior, issues, likes, and dislikes as they interact with your app. You can use analytics data to continue improving upon your product in ways that matter to your users.


Develop a marketing plan early in the process

Your app will not sell itself. Identify your audience and target your marketing efforts accordingly. Consider your audience as you choose your app’s name, icon, distribution channels, and price. Make a plan to get your app reviewed by bloggers and tech websites. Consider if and how you can (sparingly!) use push notifications to entice users to come back to your app. Evaluate potential promotional campaigns or services that can give your app an occasional download boost. Above all, make a plan that enables you to track and measure your marketing efforts so that you can determine where you’re gaining your biggest return on investment.


Plan for post-launch maintenance and upgrades

Today’s consumers expect continuing upgrades like new features and improved functionality. They also expect prompt remediation of bugs or issues. Make sure you have a plan in place that enables you to continue development and address your customers’ needs on an ongoing basis.