Product Management

Developing a roadmap to a great product that solves a real problem

Why Product Management?

Why Distillery for Product Management?

What is product management?

Why Product Management?

Sure, all good products start with a good idea—ideally one that solves a real problem for target users. But great products require more than a strong problem statement. In order for your big idea to blossom into a successful product, you’ll require a top-notch strategy for your product, its growth and its user engagement. A clear roadmap paves the way to benchmarks and milestones key to any expanding company. When leading companies launch a new product, they have already defined their markets, identified a target customer, performed research and analysis on similar products and established opportunities for innovation. These brands have taken significant steps to ensure their products can and will compete. To level the playing field and get in the game, you’ll need to do the same.

Why Distillery for Product Management?

Designing and launching a new software product is a complex process with countless moving parts. To navigate it successfully, you need to work with a true business advisor—someone who’ll guide your efforts, helping you plan strategically and execute effectively. You don’t need a team who’ll say yes to your every idea. And that’s not what you’ll get at Distillery.

We bring a strong point of view focused on making sure your product—and your business—succeed. Our client-centric, outcome-focused and Agile-based approach set us apart. And we aren’t afraid to push back when your product’s success is at stake. We’ll share our reasoning and justify our opinions. At the end of the day, of course, the decisions are yours—but your success is our primary goal.

What is Product Management?

Product management is the science of creating high-level business goals that lead to continued development and success.

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Key Steps


Problem Statement Hypothesis

Describe a current issue that needs addressing. Use this statement to inform your research and invigorate your imagination.



Define the overarching goal that guides your product or service. Understand completely why the product exists, for whom it was created and how it will help that target audience.


Data-Driven Decisions

Use the data and findings of your research to inform your decisions and development strategy.



Plan and schedule the details and trajectory of your strategy and growth.