Perfecting patient engagement to improve outcomes

Why Healthcare?

Why Distillery for Healthcare?

What is Healthcare Software?

Why Healthcare?

Don’t let your practice get left behind in today’s new frontier of modern, tech-savvy healthcare. From networks of hospitals to boutique private practices, all healthcare entities need to develop software that makes engagement a breeze.

Your patients expect cutting-edge connectivity and communication in all aspects of their life, and their healthcare is no different. Modern patients demand instant access to test results and health data. They also clamor for on-demand, round-the-clock online booking and seamless, secure messaging with practitioners and administrators.

Why Distillery for Healthcare?

Distillery understands the needs and wants of the modern patient. We turn that knowledge into a custom blueprint for your company’s specifications, limitations, and aspirations. We build intuitive, beautiful software that dazzles while getting the job done.

We fine-tune our healthcare software to boost user confidence for diverse audiences and build our software in compliance with demanding HIPAA regulations. We helped our client, MedX, build technology that enabled secure, HIPAA-compliant communication. Whether you’ve got an idea and need to start from scratch, or are looking to maintain and improve your current product, Distillery is happy to build a valuable partnership with your company.

What is Healthcare Software?

Great healthcare software helps medical providers improve patient communication and outcomes through cutting-edge technology. These products; for example, allow clinicians to chat securely in real-time and revolutionize how medical files are stored, shared and secured.

Here are some healthcare technology deliverables that help patients and practices alike:


Improved convenience

HIPAA-compliant, round-the-clock patient access to test results, charts, and treatment plans improve the patient experience and reduce the need for snail mail.


HIPAA-compliant communication

By building ultra-secure communication channels, providers and patients can effortlessly chat with confidence about test results, treatment plans, and non-urgent medical questions.


Provider locator and search

With a location-based search, patients can locate nearby providers instantly. Highly-functional filters allow users to refine search results by categories such as insurance accepted, provider gender, and languages spoken.


Instant online appointment booking

Eliminate time wasted by patients and administrators alike who wait to book an appointment over the phone by introducing seamless online appointment booking. Patients can easily book, modify, or cancel appointments with the click of a button—even in the middle of the night or on a weekend.


System integration

Make patient processing faster, easier, and more cost-effective—for patients and doctors alike.

Our latest work:


Android & iOS

A revolutionary Android app that uses smartphone data to enable people in emerging countries to build credit and access loans.